Mark’s keynote address is unconventional and is guaranteed to be an unforgettable experience.  Nice Bike principle connects management to the front line — connects team member to team member — company to customer — and educator to student.

Quite by accident, Mark stumbled onto the Harley-Davidson company’s 100th year anniversary celebration in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Driving his beige rental car around thousands of black leather, bandana wearing, hardcore Harley riders, he kept noticing the two words that really connected rider to rider…”nice bike.”

More than passing compliment, Nice Bike is a powerful, memorable philosophy that acts as a catalyst to help build stronger, more effective teams. The Nice Bike principle helps individuals to become more engaged and passionate about serving others. Nice Bike is supported by the three action steps of:

  • Acknowledging
  • Honoring
  • Connecting

Mark will inspire you, motivate you, and validate the importance of recognizing people to improve employee and team performance. Whether you are a team of one, or a team of one hundred, you will walk away from this keynote with a reinvigorated spirit for what you do as well as an appreciation of what the other team members around you do.

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