2023 Prevent One – Concierge Education

The goal of Concierge Education is to support education initiatives and “prevent one” claim for CHI owners. As CHI expands its footprint across multiple states (California, Alaska, Nevada, Oregon, Washington) and among various types of providers (community hospitals, critical access hospitals, long term care facilities, behavioral health facilities, children’s hospitals, etc.), customizing education unique to each owner has become increasingly important. Optima will continue providing its monthly webinars on topics common to most, if not all, organizations; however, to ensure each owner’s unique education needs are being met, Optima has created a fund available to each owner for education specific to their efforts to mitigate risk.

Total reimbursement per CHI owner is set at $1,000 maximum and expenses must be incurred in 2023 (click here for 2023 Concierge Education reimbursement form).  A list of reimbursable expenses is as follows:

For other expenses related to “Prevent One – Concierge Education” not included in the list above, please consult your Optima risk management consultant for reimbursement approval.

The Fund provides expense reimbursement under the following program parameters:

  1. CHI owner is responsible for selecting the education or certification.
  2. Following a qualified education payment made by the CHI owner, the CHI owner can submit a reimbursement form, along with copy of the facility’s check(s) and invoice(s) supporting the expense(s).
  3. Maximum reimbursement, per CHI owner, is $1,000 for calendar year 2023.  Reimbursement request form must be submitted by December 14, 2023.