Webinar – Documenting with Care: Best Practices for Avoiding Malpractice Lawyers

August 17, 2023
10:00am - 11:00am Pacific Time
CHI owner insured hospital and long-term care risk managers, clinical staff, leadership and educators, quality and process improvement, and organization personnel that participate in claims management.


The New England Journal of Medicine performed a thorough analysis of a provider’s chance of being sued for malpractice. Overall, the study authors said, 75 percent of physicians practicing in a low-risk specialty will have been sued by age 65 and 19 percent will have made an indemnity payment. For those in the high-risk specialties, 99 percent will have been sued by age 65, and 71 percent will have lost. While legal action is now more or less a part of the medical profession, a well-documented record is often a clinician’s best defense. Plaintiffs’ attorneys have found that the hardest claims to prove are ones where the clinical record is well-documented.

In this presentation you will learn what exactly plaintiffs’ attorneys are looking for when determining whether a professional liability claim is worth pursuing.


At the end of the webinar, the participant should be able to:

  1. Recognize generally what a good medical record looks like from an attorney’s perspective.
  2. Demonstrate best practices for documenting patient care with potential medical malpractice suits in mind.
  3. Identify problem areas where improper or insufficient charting can be the basis of malpractice suits.
  4. Review real past claims where medical records have either helped or hurt a defendant-provider.
  5. Distinguish, describe, and evaluate areas where implicit bias can influence documentation.

Provider approved by the California Board of Registered Nursing, Provider number 12205 for 1 contact hours.

This meeting has been submitted for approval for 1 contact hour of Continuing Education Credit toward fulfillment of the requirements of ASHRM designations of FASHRM (Fellow) and DFASHRM (Distinguished Fellow) and towards CPHRM renewal.



Aida Babahmetovic, Partner at Johnson, Graffe, Keay Moniz and Wick. Aida’s interest in the dynamic and growing healthcare industry brought her to the Pacific Northwest where she worked as corporate counsel for an emerging clinical education technology startup.  Aida has diverse experience in defense litigation, healthcare regulation & corporate compliance. She began her legal career at a regional law firm in Louisville, Kentucky representing multi-national corporations and employers in insurance defense claims.  Currently, one hundred percent of Aida’s practice is for the defense of clinicians in professional liability claims. Prior to joining JGKMW, Aida worked as a compliance manager for a national healthcare system. She is licensed to practice law in Washington, Kentucky, and Alaska.

Rando Wick, Senior Partner at Johnson, Graffe, Keay Moniz and Wick. Rando Wick is a senior partner at the law firm of Johnson, Graffe, Keay Moniz and Wick, with offices in Seattle and Tacoma.  He has been defending health care providers and hospitals for over 30 years.  He is a Fellow of the American College of Trial Lawyers, the International Society of Barristers and The Litigation Counsel of America, all of which go through a careful vetting process by other lawyers and Judges.  In 2022 he was honored as the Trial Lawyer of the Year for the State of Washington by the American Board of Trial Advocates.  He is licensed to practice in the States of Washington and Alaska.

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Zoom connection information is auto-generated and emailed to the participant upon registration.  Each participant has a unique link for connection.