Webinar – To Wellness…and Beyond!

March 16, 2022
10:00am - 11:00am Pacific Time
Exclusive for CHI owner organizations, this content will target all organization staff, especially direct care providers.


When we take care of ourselves, the impact of our wellness extends far beyond our personal being, to our families, patients, workplace and community.  After a difficult time of sustained stress, change and constant demand – for example, the pandemic – an opportunity exists to utilize the experience to improve ourselves and our impact on those around us. In the context of healthcare, we can improve safety, processes and systems for patients through a better understanding of our own wellness. This 1-hour experience will highlight the evidence surrounding wellbeing and patient outcomes, focusing on how to move in a healthier direction personally, professionally, and organizationally.

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Learning Objectives

At the end of the webinar, the participant should be able to: 

  1. Clarify the connection between wellbeing, safety and organizational outcomes
  2. Understand the importance of a holistic wellbeing approach
  3. Differentiate between overwhelm, burnout and moral injury
  4. Describe consequences of prioritizing work over our own health
  5. Review impact of self-awareness and self-compassion on our ability to create resilience from our current and future experiences
  6. Practice skills to self-regulate emotions to match your response with the circumstance
  7. Employ strategies to create wellbeing for ourselves and others

Provider approved by the California Board of Registered Nursing, Provider number 12205 for 1 contact hour.


Natalie Johnson is an expert in individual and organizational performance. She has over 30 years’ experience working with employers, healthcare systems and carriers on creating strategy that improves individual performance and company productivity.  Natalie’s background in Exercise Physiology, Performance Nutrition & Performance Psychology sets the foundation for how behavior changes can have a significant impact on individual performance if there is connection to a meaningful purpose. She is an award-winning Health Coach, Performance Coach, Sports Nutritionist, and Performance Trainer. She has received a variety of awards including Healthcare Hero, Champion of Healthcare, Health Program Innovation Award, Corporate Wellness Leadership Award and Business Leader Woman Extraordinaire. In our fast-paced environment, Natalie helps individuals and organizations identify ways to sustain high performance while maintaining balance, health and happiness.

Natalie is described as highly energetic with a contagious positive vibe! Personally, she manages a highly demanding professional schedule and is married to a Law Enforcement Officer and raising two active boys!


Web Access

Zoom connection information is auto-generated and emailed to the participant upon registration.  Each participant has a unique link for connection.


This is a Zoom webinar, Zoom connection information is auto-generated and emailed to the participant upon registration.  Each participant has a unique link for connection.