Washington Healthcare Insurance, A Risk Retention (WHI) has partnered with Dentists Professional RRG (DPRRG), a risk retention group that provides professional liability insurance to claim-free dentists practicing in the Pacific Northwest. Coverage is available in Washington, Oregon and Idaho.

About DPRRG:

Every board and committee seat is filled by a member dentist ensuring that DPRRG functions in the best interests of the insured dentists and organized dentistry. Annual profits are retained as surplus and/or returned to the members as dividends.  The surplus is owned by the member dentists.

We offer the same level of coverage that you currently receive from the commercial dental malpractice insurance companies.  Our operating structure is more efficient because we run our business with fewer employees and much lower expenses.  We generate higher profits because our group has smaller claims which also leads to lower annual premiums.  Additionally, our pledge is to be ultra-responsive to our insureds’ needs.

About WHI:

WHI provides the oversight and management of the underwriting, claims and risk management.