Optima Risk Management Services believes that the development of an enterprise-wide, proactive risk management program by each owner is essential for patient safety and care and mitigates potential risks and claims for both California Healthcare Insurance Company, Inc., a Risk Retention Group (CHI) and its owners.  CHI premium includes full Optima Risk Management services. Optima’s dedicated and experienced Risk Management Consultants work collaboratively with owners to reduce liability exposures and enhance clinical outcomes and care.

Scope of Risk Management Services

CHI is committed to proactive risk management and allocates greater resources than its competitors to the delivery of comprehensive and personalized risk management services and programs.

Using a collaborative approach, we assist the CHI owners with the development and implementation of practical and innovative risk reduction strategies, activities, and programs that address known and suspected areas of risk and exposure.

The Optima Risk Management Consultants and Education Director have extensive clinical and administrative backgrounds. Their hands-on experience as healthcare Risk Managers equips them to understand and respond to the CHI owners’ unique health care needs.

Through the philosophy of unlimited access to service, CHI demonstrates its commitment to ensuring the success of each owner’s risk management program.