Account Management serves as the primary interface between CHI and its management company (Optima), as well as interfacing with other insurance carriers for the various brokered products. A specific account executive and account manager primarily responsible for proper insurance management are assigned to each CHI owner.

In addition to the ownership structure, Optima operates unlike traditional brokerage companies that “shop the market” and “use a pick a card, any card” mentality. Optima takes the program approach with a goal of “rounding out” each owner with insurance products that health care institutions require.

Account Management is staffed with personnel having experience in the insurance products offered. We understand that each owner places value on a broker that can meet their insurance purchasing needs and, therefore, Account Management commits to the following:

  • Overall multi-line product and service coordination
  • Coordination of completion of insurance policy applications, policy delivery, review and renewal
  • Periodic program review including risk retention analysis
  • General insurance and risk management consultation
  • On-site renewal presentations
  • Coordination of Service Team Meetings (meetings with Optima staff and owner staff to review open CHI claims and discuss any issues including risk issues)
  • Budget information provided to allow for owner to project insurance premium expenses by product line
  • Written response to owner auditor’s request for information as needed
  • Response to bond holders request for insurance review by product line
  • Simplification of the renewal process with existing carrier and exploring other options if available
  • Timely and accurate binders of insurance, certificates of insurance, endorsements and invoices
  • Summary of coverage by product line
  • Schedules of insurance, updated each time a policy renews
  • Premium allocations for appropriate subsidiaries, locations and products as requested
  • Contract review as requested for insurance implications
  • Insurance policies and/or requirements reviewed as appropriate when acquisitions occur