Optima Claims Management Services believes in a proactive, strong, defense-minded approach to the resolution of claims.

Optima claims staff responds quickly, believing that early intervention will reduce costs, and that a proactive, strong, defense-minded approach to the resolution of claims will produce the best results for CHI owners. Optima is equitable to claimants (in terms of settlement) when liability is present, and is strongly defense-minded when liability/causation is not present and settlement is not warranted.

Your CHI premium includes full claims management services including claims handling within your self-insured retention. Since approximately 80% of CHI’s collected net premiums are allocated to the disposition of claims, the company concentrates on proactive claims handling, loss control and risk management.  CHI works hard to defend its owners, which includes involving each owner throughout the claims process.  This has historically achieved claims results that have proven superior to the traditional market.

Optima believes in developing strong relationships with owners and defense counsel partners to enhance a team approach in the resolution or defense of reported claims. Optima also believes that the best outcomes are achieved by working with defense attorneys who are superior, as demonstrated by their experience and success, and who are right for the specific case.

In order to produce outstanding claims results, Optima must:

  • Look for ways to find coverage rather than ways to decline coverage
  • Maintain reasonable caseloads to ensure adequate time to address each case
  • Maintain an experienced claims staff that specializes in professional liability claims, general liability claims and employment liability claims
  • Promptly investigate, evaluate and recommend the appropriate course of action for the resolution or defense of each reported claim
  • Assist in the selection of superior defense counsel to defend the owner in a particular case
  • Effectively manage and control litigation costs by ensuring compliance with Optima’s Litigation Reporting and Billing Guidelines
  • Negotiate or assist the CHI owner in the negotiation or resolution of claims where settlement is appropriate, and assist/support the CHI owner through the defense process when settlement is not warranted
  • Develop and maintain strong, positive relationships with CHI owners, and keep them involved throughout the claims process
  • Appropriately reserve cases to reflect the financial exposure of claims
  • Timely report to excess partners on reported claims that fall within reporting requirements
  • Use a collaborative approach among risk management consultants and claims specialists to implement loss prevention measures/education based on claims experience