Scope of Services

Risk Management Consultations

CHI members are provided consultations upon request.  The scope and nature of these consultations will vary but include, at a minimum:

  • Unlimited number of telephone consultations
  • Unlimited number of research and literature reviews
  • Ongoing risk management mentorship program
  • On-site consultative days
  • Risk assessments (baseline or service specific)

Risk Management Education

Risk Forums – Optima Risk Management Services sponsors a series of full-day Risk Forums throughout the policy year.  Registration for the Risk Forums is complimentary to the employees and medical staff members of CHI insured facilities.  There is no limit to the number of participants that a facility may send (space permitting).  The CHI insured organizations attending the Risk Forums have dual representation; first, their individual organization, and secondly, because they own the company, CHI/Optima, as a whole.  Optima staff members and invited guests who are prospective clients of CHI/Optima also attend these programs.

Audio and Web Conferences – In response to the challenges many CHI clients face in participating in education programs, Optima has started offering audio and web site conferences in addition to Risk Forums.  These programs run one hour, are accredited, and enable larger numbers of hospital staff to participate.

Mentorship Programs – Optima is pleased to provide the risk managers of CHI insured facilities with opportunities to increase their knowledge and skill in dealing with non-clinical risk issues.  During these half-day, informal networking sessions, the Optima service team, and other distinguished faculty members, showcase their talents by teaching interactive, practical and easy-to-understand sessions on critical non-clinical risk issues.  These programs are exclusive to CHI insured risk managers to foster collaboration and networking among CHI insured facilities.  Depending on the program topic, additional employees from each facility may be invited to attend.

Biennial Leadership Retreat – On a biennial basis, and in a resort setting, Optima sponsors a 1½ day Leadership Retreat that is designed to emphasize the significance of promoting Risk Management from the Board level and in collaboration with the Medical Staff.  As a CHI insured, conference registrations for your facility are complimentary.  Each CHI insured facility is encouraged to send a “team” of five to six individuals, consisting of a member of the Governing Board, CEO, Chief of Medical Staff (or designee), Risk Manager, CFO, and Director/Vice President of Nursing Services (or designee).

Tailored Loss Prevention Educational Programs – Optima Risk Management Services collaborates with hospitals and physician groups to provide on-site loss prevention educational programs that target the facility’s or group’s major exposures.  Optima’s Risk Management Consultants work with you on the coordination of these programs.

Accreditation – Optima is approved by the California Board of Registered Nursing (BRN) to provide continuing education units to registered nurses.

Other Educational Opportunities – In addition, Optima assumes financial responsibility for the registration fee for one individual from each facility to attend the annual CHA Consent Law seminar.  Optima Risk Management Services also supports the annual conferences of our professional organizations, CSHRM, SCAHRM, SDAHRM, and ASHRM, but does not assume financial responsibility or reimburse facilities for the costs associated with their organization’s participation in these events.

Audio Visual Resources
Optima Risk Management Services has established a video resource library for the exclusive use of CHI insured facilities.  The purpose of the video resource library is to assist you and your organization in your ongoing educational efforts, by providing you with access to videotapes that address risk-related issues.

Networking Surveys 
Per insured request, Optima Risk Management Services conducts networking surveys and/or requests on risk management related issues.  An e-mail request is sent to all “CHI Insured Risk Managers” with the survey topic, or the search for policies/procedures.  All insureds who respond to the survey will receive the survey results and any sample policies/procedures that are provided.


Optima Risk Management Services periodically publishes “advisories” to CHI insureds on hot issues in risk management.  There is a list of previously published bulletins on specific issues that could answer your concerns.


  • Optima Risk Management Services provides a monthly electronic newsletter, the Risk Management Filter, via the Optima web site. This electronic newsletter is designed to provide a summary of key issues for health care providers.  The items in the newsletter have been extracted from the designated publications.  For the complete story and additional information, you can check the link to the web site for each item.
  • Optima Risk Management Services also provides a quarterly publication, Optimal Review, documenting a closed claim review and including tools to mitigate that specific risk, which is available via log-in access to our website.

White Papers

In-depth reviews and guidelines on high risk topics are periodically provided.


Risk Management services can provide in depth research on topics of most importance to the client.