The Company’s mission is to make a positive difference in health care by providing high quality account, risk, and claims management services to reduce health care professional and general liability costs and insurance premiums.  The Company maintains a visible distinction of integrity and quality, and differentiates itself through its Culture, Ownership and Results (CORE).

The Company’s focus is health care organizations including hospitals, physician groups, and select long term care entities.  The Company is designed to provide long term financial stability to the health care professional and general liability market through consistent pricing, broad coverage and premium rate stability during hard and soft markets.

Underwriting Philosophy

The underwriting philosophy of the company is conservative. Long-term financial stability is a requirement which will not be compromised by actuarially inadequate premiums.

Claims Philosophy

The claims philosophy is to respond quickly, as early intervention will reduce costs, and a proactive, strong, defense-minded approach to the resolution of claims will produce the best results for the Company’s owners.  We believe in being equitable to claimants (in terms of settlement) when liability is present, and strongly defense-minded when liability/causation is not present and settlement is not warranted.

Risk Management Philosophy

The risk management philosophy is to ensure the development of a strong, system-wide, proactive risk management program by each owner.  Risk Management Services are designed to contribute to patient safety and care by mitigating potential risks and claims to the Company.  With a focus on the future and hands-on, experienced consultants, cutting edge services are offered that mitigate potential risk and claims and improve the quality of health care.