Reporting a Claim:

In the event of an incident or potential claim: 

  • Call or email your Optima Claims Specialist.  If you do not have the contact information for your Optima Claims Specialist, please call (916) 773-3992.
  • Complete the Confidential Loss Report (CLR) to assist with the initial report of a claim, suit or event.
  • Your Optima Claims Specialist will assist in confirming the documentation required beyond the Confidential Loss Report (CLR).
  • Forward the completed CLR along with other pertinent documentation to your Optima Claims Specialist.

Some examples of the type of matters to report include:

  • Notice of Intent to Sue
  • Summons & Complaint or Demand for Arbitration
  • Government Code Claim
  • Letter from patient/visitor or attorney demanding monetary compensation
  • EEOC or similar State law charges (EPL coverage)
  • Potential compensable events (see Early Reporting of Events)