As healthcare organizations continue dealing with the fallout of COVID-19 and staff shortages, other things that can harm patients include the lack of caregiver wellness.  Promoting wellness and, in particular, mental wellbeing, is a top priority in 2022.

The 2022 CHI Risk Management Program Goal was announced on March 9, 2022, for CHI owners as “Provide wellness resources to reduce the risks and claims associated with caregiver burnout and address opportunities for improvement“. This page provides resources to support this goal.

Participation & Measurement for the 2022 CHI Risk Management Program Goal

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2022 CHI Risk Management Program Goal Recordings

To Wellness…and Beyond! – 1 Hour

This recording highlights the evidence surrounding wellbeing and patient outcomes, focusing on how to move in a healthier direction personally, professionally, and organizationally. At the end of the webinar, the participant should be able to:  1) Clarify the connection between wellbeing, safety, and organizational outcomes; 2) Understand the importance of a holistic wellbeing approach; 3) Differentiate between overwhelm, burnout and moral injury; 4) Describe consequences of prioritizing work over our own health; 5) Review impact of self-awareness and self-compassion on our ability to create resilience from our current and future experiences; 6) Practice skills to self-regulate emotions to match your response with the circumstance 7) Employ strategies to create wellbeing for ourselves and others. Provider approved by the California Board of Registered Nursing, Provider number 12205 for 1 contact hour.

Bite Size Wellness Recordings

Cultivating Positivity  – 15 minutes

Positivity isn’t about always being happy and optimistic. It’s about our ability to experience pleasurable emotions more frequently, sustain them for longer, and return to these emotions faster, especially after a set-back. This training presents strategies to cultivate these skills.

Stress, It’s Your Superpower – 16 minutes

We’ve been taught that stress is bad; that it can impact both our performance and health negatively. In this training you will learn about the newer science on stress, that we can harness stress for better performance and better health.

Better Team Health through Difficult Conversations – 17 minutes

In this training, you will learn skills to help you with difficult conversations.  Specifically, how to create connection with others so they feel heard and valued.  This training also focuses on the inner work needed before a difficult conversation, as well as tools to navigate the toughest conversations.

Strategic Micro-Recovery – 15 minutes

We intuitively know that we can benefit from recovery by taking a day off or a vacation. But how do we recover when we are in the middle of a demanding day or experiencing high stress? This training presents realistic strategies to incorporate recovery into your day to maintain the high performance you desire.

The Power of the Pause – 13 minutes

This training is a short, yet powerful, lesson on how we can improve wellbeing through mindfulness. Specifically focusing on new, more thoughtful ways to respond, instead of react.

The Lost Art of Sleep – 13 minutes

We are in the middle of a sleep deprivation crisis.  It has profound consequences on our health, job performance, relationships, and even our happiness. In this training you will learn what’s happening during sleep and find solutions that support better sleep – both quantity and quality.

Bringing Vulnerability and Empathy to Professional Communication in Healthcare-1.5 hours

Research from the field of organizational psychology suggests that the most important key to bringing our best selves to the workplace even in times of demanding change is to put our egos in the backseat and lead with vulnerability and empathy. This 1.5 hour recording, the last of our 2022 focus on wellness, offers important insights into the role of vulnerability and empathy in today’s changing workplace and guides participants as they identify ways to practice both through courageous conversations. New tools and language are provided to help participants learn and lead with vulnerability and create empathy, even when it’s hard.